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Children’s Dentistry

Happy family with three kids

The future health of our mouth starts early- and the education of our children at a young age is key. A positive introduction to dentistry will help them in a number of ways. Building a good understanding about the importance of their diet and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own oral care is imperative in helping them maintain healthy teeth and gums in adulthood.

Children should be registered with a dentist as early as possible and brought in for regular check-ups with the Dentist and Hygienist as soon as their first teeth start to appear (or by at least 1 year of age).

We can provide comprehensive oral health advice and treatment for our younger patients which includes:

  • The scaling and polishing of teeth- to prevent the development of gum disease.
  • Monitoring and screening procedures to ensure teeth, gums and jaw are healthy and developing in the correct way.
  • The preparation and application of varnish and/or sealants.
  • Radiographs and X-rays as required.
  • Minor fillings
  • Placement of pre-prepared crowns
  • Performing root canal treatment on milk teeth as required

We are pleased to offer a free service to children under 5 who’s parents attend the practice. Our competitively priced child membership schemes provide regular examinations, any required fillings on baby teeth, plus preventive fissure sealants and oral health education for 5-18 year olds. Please call us for further details.

Our staff aim to motivate our patients- both young and old- to encourage good oral health practices. We are always happy to discuss you oral health with you, giving advice on diet, tooth cleaning and specific interdental devices to help you look after your teeth in the best possible way.

We want your child’s visit to be pleasant and relaxed so that they leave with a positive memory- looking forward to their next appointment.

Looking after your Child’s teeth:

  • Register your baby with your dentist at the earliest opportunity.
  • When first teeth come through take them for a dental check-up (or by at least 1 year of age).
  • Take them for regular dental check-ups every 6 months (or as often as recommended) so that the development of teeth and gums can be monitored.
  • Take them for regular hygiene check-ups so any plaque build-up removed.
  • Be aware of your child’s diet and limit sugary items including sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks. Fruit juice and squash also contains high quantities of sugar. Instead, encourage your child to drink milk or water.
  • Speak to your health visitor for advise on the use of dummies and bottles. These should be avoided after around 12 months of age.
  • Many young children and teenagers require orthodontic treatment to correct crooked teeth and misalignments. If you are concerned about your child’s teeth then please speak to us. Orthodontic treatment commonly takes place between 9 and 14 years of age.
  • Even if you are nervous about visiting the dentist try to keep this hidden from your child to avoid passing on any fears.
  • Book an early appointment so your child is not too tired when they visit.
  • Call us today to register your child, or for more information on how to look after your child’s teeth.